Oh dear. Just when we thought Microsoft might have gotten over its misleading Surface tablet ads attacking the iPad (and iPad mini), it has run three new ones, each attacking the MacBook Air (the other two are shown below the fold).

Microsoft’s decision to go on the offensive is perhaps understandable: while Apple can run a MacBook Air ad simply observing that it’s “the notebook people love,” poor sales of the Surface despite high marketing costs have so far resulted in Microsoft losing $1.7B on the device … 


The ads claim the Surface is as powerful as a MacBook Air while championing the the Surface’s touchscreen, pen and detachable keyboard that allow it to be both a tablet and a laptop – the very ‘worst of both worlds’ experience that resulted in such poor reviews.

The poor sales performance of the Surface led Microsoft to abandon its plans to make a Surface Mini, a decision resulting in some embarrassment when observers pointed out that the company had made several references to the smaller model in the Surface 3 user guide.

Microsoft’s ad campaigns for the Surface have been almost entirely negative, attacking not only Apple but Samsung too. The two other MBA-dissing ads can be seen below.

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