Come this fall (expect October) the Mac is due to get a major visual overhaul by way of OS X 10.10 Yosemite bringing a new look to system icons, folders, windows, and even the iconic Dock, but much of OS X will remain structurally the same this year perhaps saving a more comprehensive change for another iteration.

Ramotion, Inc., though, has shared a view into what a more comprehensive change to OS X could, and maybe should, bring with a redesigned, not just theme changed, OS X Inspector window. The concept takes more cues from the design ideas introduced to Apple’s software in iOS 7 taking advantage of space and lines for clarity creating a friendlier Inspector window.

Ramotion Behance Inspector concept

In many cases, the concept suggests a more robust Inspector window with greater support for multimedia and addressing popular uses like copying the file path to a clipboard more intuitively.

Ramotion Behance Inspector concept

For now, though, OS X’s Inspector will keep its rather dated layout and design resembling much earlier versions of OS X.

OS X Inspector window

Check out Ramotion’s project in its entirety on Behance to see how various file formats could interact differently.

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