The team behind the famed Mailbox mobile application demoed a very early preview of the app for Mac back in April of this year, not long after announcing that the platform had been acquired by Dropbox. But the team has seemingly been making steady progress, hoping to create the perfect desktop counterpart to its mobile email client. Today, Mailbox announced that the app has reached public beta and that it will be rolling out soon to those who have signed up for the wait list.

The beta includes a couple important new features including draft support, and what the company is calling mobile “snooze to desktop.” For now, support for email drafts is going to be limited to the desktop version of the app, but Mailbox says that it’s “important when managing an inbox across multiple devices” and that the feature will be coming to the mobile applications soon. These drafts, once up and running across devices, will be saved locally and sync via your Dropbox account. “Snooze to desktop,” meanwhile, will work much like the current snooze feature, with messages being delivered back to your desktop inbox after a certain amount of time.

If you want to sign up for the beta, you can do so at Mailbox’s website.

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