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Earlier this month, 2K Games announced that it would be bringing its landmark horror-shooter BioShock to the iPhone and iPad. Tonight, the game finally arrived on the App Store in most of its original glory. The story, game mechanics, level design, and audio have all be ported to the mobile devices, though the graphics have been toned down to make it run on phones and tablets.

BioShock is set in the underwater would-be utopia of Rapture, which has been overrun by its own psychotic, drug-addled citizens on one especially-unfortunate New Years Eve. Players take on the role of Jack, who arrives in Rapture after a plane crash that leaves him stranded in the middle of the Atlantic, and must utilize a selection of upgradable weapons and genetic enhancements to track down Andrew Ryan, the madman running what’s left of the city.

The original game won a bevy of awards, including several for Game of the Year, and has been hailed for its storytelling and gameplay.

BioShock requires an iPhone 5, iPad 4, or any newer device (with no iPod touch models supported) and will run you $14.99 on the iOS App Store. Head on over there and download it nowwould you kindly?

If desktop gaming is more your thing, all three games in the BioShock series are available on the Mac App Store:

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