Popular iOS note taking app Notability is today making its way to the Mac, allowing users to seamlessly switch between platforms with notes synced via iCloud.

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The Mac app has been designed specifically for the desktop but features a familiar look and feel to users of the mobile apps. It also features automatic Dropbox and Google Drive backups, keyboard shortcuts, and other new features to optimize the experience for OS X.

In addition, you’ll find all the handwriting, audio recording, note replay, organization, and sharing features from the iPhone and iPad version.

Notability is optimized for Mac – Quickly create notes by dragging documents, photos, or audio recordings from the desktop and dropping onto the library. – Enhance notes by dragging photos, audio recordings, and PDFs from the desktop and dropping onto a note. – Get more done with smart keyboard shortcuts. – Handwriting and sketches can be scaled, transformed, free and constrained rotated, nudged (with arrow keys), and restyled. – Notes look the same on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Notability for Mac is available on the Mac App Store now for $10. The iOS version of the app for iPhone and iPad sells for $2.99

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