In addition to FitPort and MyFitnessPal, a few more app updates with HealthKit support have become available on the App Store. These updates allow you to share health and fitness data with Apple’s new Health app on iOS 8 now that Apple has enabled HealthKit with the release of iOS 8.0.2 after issues in iOS 8.0 and iOS 8.0.1.

First up is WebMD for iPhone. Users of the WebMD iPhone app can now allow the health information service’s Healthy Target feature to communicate with data shared with Apple’s health app. The benefit to this is WebMD uses this information to create “actionable insights on your health data”. WebMD’s update was previously available on iOS 8 launch day until Apple pulled HealthKit-enabled apps due to a late-discovered bug.

Carrot Fit is another app affected by the launch day issue, but its back today with full HealthKit integration. The unconventional workout app uses data from Apple’s Health app to monitor workouts, weight, and dieting for monitoring your fitness. This is how Carrot describes Fit’s HealthKit integration:

Thanks to HealthKit, you can run but you can’t hide from CARROT because she can now track fitness activities performed throughout the day — even when you’re not actively using her. She will give amusing feedback when you step on a wifi scale with a HealthKit-compatible app, and threaten you with total annihilation if you’re lagging behind on your daily step goal.

Make CARROT angry, and you will activate her new “calorie shaming” punishment — she will start making jokes about the foods you eat as you enter them into a HealthKit-compatible calorie counter app.

Carrot Fit is available for $2.99 on the App Store, and HealthKit support is a free update for existing customers.

You can also find HealthKit integration with Yummly, a free recipe and grocery shopping list app for iPhone. By integrating with HealthKit, Yummly is able to do two things: share information about meals and nutrition data with Apple’s Health app, and look at data shared with Apple’s Health app from other apps for making smarter recommendations for meals and recipes.

FitStar Personal Trainer, the fitness app loaded with workouts and videos from football star Tony Gonzalez, has also been updated with HealthKit support.

Several more apps with HealthKit support should be rolling out over the next few days as developers can now submit HealthKit-enabled apps. Remember: these updates require iOS 8.0.2 to use HealthKit and Health. Let us know below if you spot any or have any recommendations, and stay tuned for comprehensive list of HealthKit apps as more become available.

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