A 99 cent app finally allows owners of Fitbit activity trackers to view their data in Apple’s Health app. Sync Solver for Fitbit provides a daily sync of ten different pieces of data to the Health app built into iOS 8 – a feature the company itself said it had no plans to introduce.

The first sync needs to be performed manually, by tapping a button in the app, after which it will sync data automatically every 24 hours … 


In addition to the eight pieces of data shown in the screengrab above, the app also syncs walking & running distances, and weight.

The developer does give one cautionary note: there is no way to disable step counting from the iPhone, so you’re likely to see double-counting of steps as they are recorded by both the iPhone and your Fitbit device.

Lack of syncing with the Health app was rumored to be the reason Apple recently pulled Fitbit devices from its online store, though the company’s move into true smartwatch territory may also have been a factor. Apple also recently removed Bose headphones and speakers from its retail stores, likely to avoid competing with Beats products.

Sync Solver for Fitbit is a 99 cent download from the App Store.

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