In addition to updating with support for eight new languages when using iWork for iCloud, Apple has also turned on the ability to upload photos to iCloud Photos from the web. Upload support for iCloud Photos on the web was previously rolled out to the site at the beginning of this month. Video uploading currently isn’t supported by either version of the iCloud site..

iCloud Photo Library was announced earlier this year at Apple’s developer conference and introduced to users as a public beta alongside the release of iOS 8.1 last month. The service allows iCloud users to keep photos and videos taken with iPhones and iPads in sync across multiple devices while maintaining edits and organization.

Aside from being available on the web through, Apple plans to introduce a brand new Photos for Mac app in 2015. The new Photos for Mac app will replace both iPhoto and Aperture on OS X while Adobe has included a transition tool in its Lightroom app for helping professional photographers migrate from Apple’s software.



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