iCloud Photos automatically keeps all of your photos and videos in sync across all of your Apple devices so you can access them from your Mac, iOS, Apple TV, or on the Web. Apple offers 5 GB for free, but you can upgrade to 50 GB, 200 GB, or 2 TB for a monthly fee.

It originally debuted on iOS 8.1 on 2014 and solved a key problem for users of Apple products. As the camera in the iPhone continued to improve, users struggle with how to make sure their photos and videos were backed up and available on all of their devices. Prior to its introduction, companies like Everpix and Loom filled in the gap. Since its original debut, Apple has added features like Memories, Collections, and Years. Users can also create shared albums to gather photos from vacations, parties, etc.

While Google Photos is a great alternative, but for people who are 100% in the Apple ecosystem, it remains the easiest way to sync photos (and edits to photos) across all of your devices. With Apple’s photo sharing and organization solutions, all of your photos and videos are backed up incase you loose or break your device.

iCloud Photos Stories March 3

iCloud Photos is probably one of the most impressive services that Apple is currently running. It’s built into every iOS, macOS, and tvOS device (and iCloud.com), and Apple has to be syncing billions and billions of photos and videos across its data centers. I’ve been using it since the early beta period of iOS 8, and I am happily (well unhappily) paying $10 per month for 2 TB of storage which includes my 300 GB library. By design, users are supposed to have individual iCloud accounts, but then link them in Family Sharing. Family Sharing allows families to share iCloud Storage (the 200 GB or higher plan) and Apple Music subscription (family plans). I also assume that Apple’s upcoming TV service will also be integrated into Apple’s family sharing set up as well. But for a lot of families, there is still a key section of Apple’s iOS and macOS experience that has not been integrated well into Family Sharing: iCloud Photos. It’s missing an easy way for families to keep their iCloud Photo libraries up to date with each other. expand full story

iCloud Photos Stories December 31, 2018

How to upload photos into iCloud Photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and icloud․com

iCloud Photos is a valuable feature built into iOS and macOS that allows you to save your photos and videos and keep them in sync across all of your Apple devices. Whether you just got a new device or want to start using the feature for the first time, follow along for how to upload photos into iCloud Photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and icloud․com.

iCloud Photos Stories September 23, 2018

I’ve written a lot about iCloud Photos at 9to5Mac. I think about managing my photo library more than I’d care to admit. I’m always thinking about additional back up measures I can put into place, or ways Apple could improve the service (be sure to check out my Google Photos vs. iCloud Photos roundup). iOS 12 is now on the market, so we know all the new features that are available this year. My mind is already turning to iOS 13, though. I hope it’s a big year for iCloud Photo Library. Here are the features I consider to be “low hanging fruit”.

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iCloud Photos Stories September 11, 2018

Mac: How to free up space with iCloud Photos optimized storage

Is your Mac running low on storage space? One way to easily free up room is by utilizing iCloud Photos and the optimize storage feature. Read on to see if this solution could be a good fit for you.

iCloud Photos Stories September 10, 2018

iPhone & iPad: How to free up space with iCloud Photos optimized storage

Are you running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad? One way to easily free up room is by utilizing iCloud Photos and the optimize storage feature. Follow along to see if this is a good fit for you.

iCloud Photos Stories August 19, 2018

If there is one thing I am obsessed with when it comes to technology, it’s my pictures. I keep them extremely organized and culled. I am equally as fanatical about getting them backed up. When it comes to music, movies, and TV shows – I can rebuy anything I lose due to hard drive failure. When it comes to pictures of my family, no amount of money can recreate them if I lose them. Over the years, my strategy has evolved as services have changed. I’ll do my best to keep this article up to date as things change in the future.

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