Backblaze Stories March 24, 2020

Backblaze announces one exabyte – a billion gigabytes – of customer data has now been backed up

Backblaze has been my go-to backup service for as long as I can remember. With its native macOS application, fast backup speed, and rock-solid track record of being ready for Apple’s latest software updates, it’s one of the few applications that I am never looking to change to something else. Today, Backblaze is announcing they’ve crossed over the one exabyte of data storage mark.

Backblaze Stories December 11, 2019

Backblaze, the popular macOS backup service, has just released a nice update to its iOS and Android apps. While the mobile apps have been great for personal users for years, business customers have been left out. With version 5.0, Backblaze B2 customers can now access your B2 buckets, browse files inside the buckets, and download them to your mobile device.

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Backblaze Stories October 27, 2019

I’ve been obsessed with photo management and photo backup for years now. Before iCloud Photos, I used services like Everpix (RIP), Loom, and others. I’m all in on iCloud Photos, but I also let Google Photos and Amazon Photos upload my photos as well. My iCloud Photo library has grown to the place where I can no longer keep it all offline on my laptop (500GB) and still have room for other things. This situation makes my Time Machine and Backblaze backup useless for my photos since the majority of them are in iCloud. I’d love to see Apple or another company offer a way to backup iCloud Photo library. Since iCloud Photos is a syncing service, it’s not a real backup. Why isn’t iCloud Photo a backup of your photos? expand full story

Backblaze Stories October 8, 2019

I’ve used Backblaze for many years as my go-to backup service on macOS. Just last week, it saved me from re-creating a presentation I worked on for three hours. I had been having issues with one of my laptops (due to macOS Catalina), so I decided to reformat the drive and set up from scratch. I didn’t realize that iCloud Drive hadn’t uploaded the document, though. I am not blaming Apple here because I was running a beta OS, and I knew I had some wonky things going on. Thankfully, Backblaze was working, though. I logged in to the online portal, downloaded the PowerPoint, and was up and running. One of the things that makes Backblaze such an excellent backup service on macOS is how much care they put into their app. It’s fast, lightweight, and is 100% native to macOS. Today, Backblaze for Mac 7.0 is being released. All clients will update over the next two weeks, or you can download by clicking on the Backblaze icon in the Menu Bar and check for updates. So what’s new in Backblaze 7.0? expand full story

Backblaze Stories September 24, 2019

Backblaze celebrates ten year anniversary of their Storage Pod, announces Veeam integration

I’ve been a big fan of Backblaze for years now. While cloud-backups weren’t new to me when I came across them, having a native macOS app for a cloud-backup service was something I knew I wanted. I’ve been a subscriber for many years, and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon. Today, Backblaze has announced the tenth anniversary of the first release of the Backblaze Storage Pod.

Backblaze Stories February 12, 2019

Unlimited cloud backup service Backblaze announces price increase coming next month

Popular unlimited cloud backup service Backblaze today announced its first-ever price increase. The company says it will increase its monthly price from $5 to $6 for both new and existing users.

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