Adobe today announced a pretty solid Black Friday deal. Adobe initially launched the Photoshop Photography Program in September to support the needs and workflow of photographers who use CS3 or later. Now, for a limited time, Adobe it is extending this offer to ALL photographers for $9.99/month as an annual subscription – valid from Nov. 20 (9:00 a.m. PST) through Dec. 2, 2013 (11:59 p.m. PST) on

The Program offers access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 (plus respective feature updates and upgrades as they are available), 20GB of cloud storage and Behance ProSite, all via Adobe Creative Cloud all for $9.99/month as an annual subscription.

Upon the expiration of this limited offer, the Photoshop Photography Program will continue to be available for $9.99/month to those photography customers who own a previous version of Photoshop Photoshop Extended, or Creative Suite, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6). This offer expires Dec. 31, 2013.

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12 Responses to “Adobe giving EVERYONE Photoshop CC/Lightroom 5/Behance +20GB storage for $10/month until Dec 2”

  1. tallestskil says:

    Here! Buy into our scam of endlessly perpetuated crack dealership! Adobe is the pimp and you are its whores.


  2. No thanks. I’d rather shoot off all my toes one at a time than give money to adobe.


  3. I’m confused. If the Adobe offer expires Dec. 31 2013, and its basically the end of November now, that means you only get it for $9.99 for one month? Or is that meant to say Dec. 31 2014?


  4. This whole subscription based model is lousy for the average user that actually has to pay bills. Residual revenue should be based on solid products, not marketing hype.


  5. who in his right mind would want to pay for software monthly? and if you stop paying, you cannot access your files. stupid strategy.


    • This isn’t actually true, you know … you have a little while to convert your files to some other format, and of course you can reactivate for a month on an ad-hoc basis if you need to revise an old job or something like that.

      Again I’m not an advocate of software rental, and I think this move was an alienating mistake by Adobe (in that they don’t also offer perpetual licenses) … but come on, opened any of your old WordPerfect documents lately? FrameMaker? ClarisDraw? This crap happens to documents in old formats even under the old model. How about your old Quark 3.x documents? Oh wait, you’ll have to buy Quark Xpress to open those. Sorry, HOW much?! :)

      There’s a lot of things one can legitimately say that’s bad about the software rental model … but losing access to old documents is not really one of the legit arguments IMO.


  6. Leon Kernan says:

    Well, since Adobe kindly shared my details with the world, this is the least they could do.
    Then again, would I trust them with my new details… not so sure.


  7. @justinhollar — yeah, the way they’ve worded it is kind of confusing. What they mean is that *anyone* can sign up for this offer until Dec 2nd, but after that *only* people with CS3 or higher can sign up for that deal. Adobe has *not* said how long the pricing will continue at $10/month.

    I don’t like the “software rental” model, but looked at as $120 per year, I think most people would admit that this is a pretty good deal (compare this to the cost of the “perpetual” license of CS6 and figuring every-three-years updating, and you’ll see it works out a LOT cheaper). If Adobe would commit to keeping the price at that level for at least a year, I might well get on board (I might anyway just on faith). Otherwise, I’m staying with my outdated CS3 (which still works in Mavericks, along with most of its plug-ins!) for a while longer.

    I think the “rental only” scheme will only succeed for Adobe if they make the price very reasonable. $10 a month for what you’re getting is very reasonable. If they’d commit to keeping it there I think they’d find a lot of disenfranchised customers willing to get back on board. Take a page out of Apple’s playbook for once, Adobe.


  8. Julian Will says:

    Does anyone know if I can choose another currency to pay? Because it costs 12,29€ per month in Europe which is 16,50$. BUH! So, I would love to pay in $ or even better in Hong-Kong $ (68HK$ = 8,77 US$).
    Is it possible?


  9. Ryan Bradley says:

    The wording is TERRIBLE. The terms of renewal state: “After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.”

    Is that ‘current’ as in now, ie the special $9.99 p/m deal, or ‘current’ as at the time of the renewal?

    Who writes Adobe’s legal stuff?


    • Tony Hoyle says:

      The other thing is what does ‘renew’ mean in practice – tie you in for another 12 months? Because that sucks if the price has increased to $29.99 by then, and you don’t cancel in the last month (which is easy to miss as adobe have zero incentive to actually remind you).

      Also there’s nothing to stop them signing you up at $9.99 then increasing the price before the end of the 12 months is up, and you’re still bound to it.