Sonos is today rolling out software update 5.2, previously in beta, and with it includes an updated Sonos Controller iOS app that brings multi-account support and other new features.

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Users can now add up to 32 accounts for music services including multiples of the same service. That allows users in the same household to add separate accounts for music services in the same Sonos Controller app, and you’ll be able to assign nicknames to the accounts to keep track of multiples for the same service:

Now multiple music lovers in the same home can enjoy their own music service accounts. You can associate up to 32 music service accounts with your Sonos system, each with different music and preferences. For more information, go to… If your Sonos system has multiple music service accounts associated with it, you can select your personal music service account to get your own custom music experience.

Also new for Sonos 5.2 is an improved universal search experience in the iOS app that includes music from all sources as well as songs stored on the iPhone and iPad itself.

The update also brings audio enhancements for the Sonos Playbar that Sonos says includes an improved “soundstage, more balanced sound at any volume, and slight EQ adjustments to deliver a more natural sound.”

The updated Sonos Controller app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad now.

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