Beautiful renderings from German site Curved/labs depict a stunning metallic ode to Apple’s original Macintosh computer. While acknowledging the enhanced functionality of Apple’s latest computers, such as the Retina iMac, Curved/labs suggests that the company often neglects its own design history when releasing new machines – the inspiration for this “tribute.”

Made from aluminum with a front-facing SD card slot at the edge of a floppy disk-styled groove, the proposed Mac would be roughly based on the internals of a MacBook Air, including an 11.6″ screen enhanced with purely optional touch capabilities. A golden version would come closer to the classic beige Mac tone, while silver and space gray colors would be available. Since Apple is unlikely to produce such a machine, readers have suggested that the design would be an excellent form factor for an iPad stand, which we could definitely see as possible – minus the Apple logos. Check out the full collection of images here.

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