Apple made a small change to its website last year upon the public release of OS X Yosemite that has led some to question the release date of for Mac. Originally announced for an “early 2015” release, the Mac app has had virtually every mention scrubbed from, save for a single help article that now lists it as being “available at a later date.”

Following a tip from a reader, we noted the change in the original version of this article. We’ve since learned that the application’s release is still on track via an update to OS X planned for “early 2015.” What does “early 2015” mean? According to Tim Cook’s comments today: by the end of April.

The Photos banner that formerly appeared on the Continuity page

The Photos banner that formerly appeared on the Yosemite Preview Page

To coincide with the upcoming release, Apple announced that iPhoto and Aperture are scheduled to be discontinued. Competitors like Adobe have already started putting plans in place to help users transfer their photo libraries into Lightroom.

Meanwhile, Apple has continued to expand the feature set for its web-based iCloud Photos app, adding support for uploading new photos, as well as tweaks like the ability to zoom in on images.

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