Mark Jardine, designer for Tapbots apps including the popular Tweetbot app, tweeted a photo teasing the upcoming redesign of the Mac version for the third party Twitter client; the current version of Tweetbot for Mac features a heavier design aesthetic than the general user interface introduced with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

As you can see in the teaser above, the redesign takes design cues from the latest version of Tweetbot for iPhone using Yosemite design elements like translucency in addition to round avatars and softer window controls. Also visible in the full shot, seen below, is an unreleased iPhone app, likely a new version of Calcbot (which debuted on the Mac recently) which should also include features previously in Convertbot; not teased is the expected redesign of Tweetbot for iPad. As for the tablet version of the popular third party Twitter app, Tapbots has said that “Tweetbot 3 for the iPad is in development,” but provided no updates since September of last year.

Tweetbot Yosemite Teaser

Update: This clears up the picture a bit…



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