Pipes News, an iOS app that pulls together news feeds on technology, business, sport and politics, has received a major update, introducing a new look and a bunch of new features.

Pipes 2.0 comes with a great new design. Great new typefaces, integrated Stories, Twitter & Wikipedia views. […] We’re also introducing Pipeline. After popular request on App Stores across the Globe, Pipeline has come into existence. Pipeline curates all your Pipes in a very interactive UI. If you just want to quickly read through all your Pipes without opening them, jump to Pipeline.

Pipes News works in a different way to conventional RSS newsreaders, the developers doing the newsfeed collation at their end–and including both Twitter and Wikipedia in the mix. This automated collation is either a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view … 


Good because it’s easy. All you do is enter keywords, which are matched against the collated feeds on the server, without you needing to manually choose your sources. Bad because … you can’t choose your sources.

In addition to the new UI and Pipeline, version 2.0 of the app introduces a What’s Hot trending feed, News by Photos and smarter search, allowing for both misspelt words and synonyms.

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