Latest stop in the Apple Watch tour of the world’s fashion magazines is the Australian edition of Elle, where fashion editor Sara Smith models the watch and “shares her tips for making the watch work in your wardrobe.” The magazine’s editor in chief, Justine Cullen, also shares why she wants one … 


For the ‘Elle look’ shown above, says Smith, no other accessories are needed.

Team the Apple Watch with chic tailored separates and martial arts- inspired pieces. That’s how I styled it for ELLE this month – everything is belted to give it a karate-inspired edge. Add a pair of sports shoes, no need for jewellery or accessories because the watch is the hero.

The piece also has advice on clothing to wear with the watch for work, the weekend and a cocktail party.

Editor in chief Justine Cullen says she also loves the functionality.

I love the idea of having all the things you need to know – such as your next meeting – on your wrist at a glance. I love that it will prompt me to get up from my desk and move once an hour, and keep track of all my activity. And I love that it’ll discreetly tap me on the wrist (no more invasive rings and vibrations) when it wants me to read a message or to tell me I need to be somewhere.

Those three messages–notifications, activity and discretion–are likely to have been influenced by Apple, providing some insight into how the company is positioning the watch for a fashion-oriented audience.

The Apple Watch has previously been featured in fashion bible Vogue in the US, China and France, as well as Self, Style and East Touch.

We recently exclusively revealed Apple’s retail plans for the watch, including 15-minute appointments, ten or more try-on stations and dedicated staff for sales of the $10,000+ Edition model.

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