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While Apple will offer extensive in-store sales and try-on experiences in Apple Stores, the company will also allow customers to virtually try on an Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition and receive setup support, according to sources. Prior to purchasing either of two higher-end Apple Watches, customers will be able to video chat with an Apple Online Store representative who will personally try-on and model Apple Watch collections and band combinations. Additionally, as we noted in our prior article about Apple Watch Edition sales perks, Edition customers will be able to have a “personalized pre-sales experience” either over phone or online chat…

Following the purchase of either a stainless steel Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition, customers will be offered virtual personal setup via the Apple Online Store. These online specialists can walk the customer through the Apple Watch unboxing process, the setup of the iPhone Companion application, pairing with an iPhone via Bluetooth, and installing apps from the Apple Watch App Store.

This online virtual personal setup feature is ideal for those who want to quickly purchase the model of their choice, leave the store, and not participate in the customer journey. At launch, neither of these virtual offerings will be available for the entry-level Apple Watch Sport. Apple has offered similar virtual personal setup appointments for iPhones, iPads, and Macs in select European regions in the past, but this will mark the first time that such programs will be available in the United States.

We previously noted that Apple will not offer special business discounts for the Apple Watch, the appointment booking process, and that Apple Watches will be unable to be purchased without a reservation.

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