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Apple won’t offer special business pricing, financing, and bulk discount options, like it does with Macs, iPhones, and iPads, for the Apple Watch at launch, according to sources. However, business customers will still be able to make their purchases via the dedicated Business Teams at some Apple Stores…

In most cases, business customers will still, however, be offered the walk-through sales process discussed in our earlier articles. Some readers have hoped that Apple would sell the stainless steel or gold models in bulk due to the pricing and the allure of gifting several watches simultaneously.

Additionally, we are told that customers will not be able to use iPhone or non-iPhone trade-in program credit toward the purchase of the Apple Watch. So, if a customer already has a new iPhone model, they will not be able to trade-in their older iPhone for a gift card to be used toward the purchase of an Apple Watch. However, if a gift card has remaining value after a new iPhone is purchased, that amount can be used toward a Watch.

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