Apple is now on its third-generation system for handling Siri queries, moving to the open source Mesos platform, according to the Mesosphere blog. Apple reportedly made the announcement at the Bay Area Mesos meetup last week.

During a presentation, Apple engineers said that the switch to Mesos would reduce latency, assist scalability, and made it easier to deploy new services as Siri’s capabilities are expanded … 


The engineers said that Siri comprises around 100 services on a Mesos cluster spanning many thousands of nodes. Siri’s move to Mesos – also used by other large tech companies, including Twitter and eBay – represents the company’s first move away from traditional infrastructure for the intelligent assistant service, they said.

Twitter’s Chris Aniszczyk tweeted a series of photos from the event, including a somewhat blurry one showing a simplified overview of Apple’s Mesos cluster architecture.


One trivia point mentioned is the story behind the name of Apple’s custom Mesos scheduler.

[It’s] called J.A.R.V.I.S., which is short for Just A Rather Very Intelligent Scheduler. It’s named after Tony Stark’s intelligent computer assistant in the Iron Man movies (and technically, I’m told, his human butler in the old comic books).

Apple created a new Siri tips website earlier this month as it launched the service in nine more countries, and of course prepared for people to use it on the Apple Watch.

Via MacStories. Main photo: Sunil Shah.

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