Google today has released its first application for the Apple Watch in the form of an update to its iOS Google News & Weather app. Launched last fall, Google News & Weather iOS populates local weather and news headlines. On the Apple Watch, based on the screenshots from iTunes, the application pretty much serves the same purpose. Like other Apple Watch apps based on WatchKit, this new Google application does not appear to be anything special. The screenshots display a bland, text-filled application that is light on functionality…

As TechCrunch notes, this application indicates that Google is not ignoring the Apple Watch and that more apps for the Apple wearable could come in the future. With Apple Maps available as native to the Apple Watch, perhaps Google is working on a wrist-worn alternative like it offers on the iPhone and iPad. With Siri as a core component and the lack of a web browser, perhaps Google Search would not be frequently used on the Apple Watch. That might not stop Google from launching one, however, as it is key to the company’s business.

Google Maps for iOS also received a minor update today to version 4.6.0, although it doesn’t include any Apple Watch functionality.

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