Earlier today, investor Carl Icahn published an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook in which he predicted that Apple would enter the television market with 55-inch and 65-inch UHD TVs. This evening, however, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple currently has no plans to enter the highly competitive TV market.

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The report claims that Apple has began researching the possibility of entering the television market nearly 10 years ago, but has never been able to find a “breakthrough” feature that would set its offerings apart. Apple reportedly considered adding cameras to its TVs for FaceTime functionality. The company also looked into a variety of different display types, but ultimately decided that nothing it could create would be compelling enough to convince consumers to switch.

Apple, according to the report, dropped its plans to create a TV set more than a year ago. Apple, however, didn’t totally “kill” the television project. Instead, it disbanded the team and sent its members to various other product areas. Should someone at Apple have an idea on a breakthrough feature, there’s no inhibiting factor that would prevent it from rejuvenating its TV team.

Apple is still expected to introduce a new Apple TV set-top box in June with deeper Siri integration, third-party application support, a new TV streaming service, and a “fancier” remote control.

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