SwiftKey today released a major update to its iOS 8 third-party keyboard, bundling in a new theme store and critical performance improvements. SwiftKey is one of the more popular third-party iOS keyboards, and was launched last year with impressive word prediction technology that is similar to Apple’s QuickType keyboard…


Shooting Stars theme GIF

The SwiftKey theme store first appeared on Android last year, and the iOS version brings along with it 12 new themes. As part of these new themes comes a new animated “shooting stars” theme that moves based on the iOS Parallax/Motion feature. The themes currently range in price from $0.99 to $1.99, with the animated themes coming in at the higher price. You can also live preview themes before purchasing and installing them, unlike with the Android version.

As for the fixes, SwiftKey says that today’s update is “designed to increase SwiftKey’s stability, and reduce the instances when SwiftKey is unintentionally replaced by the iOS default keyboard.” SwiftKey is free to download on the App Store. SwiftKey is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on devices running iOS 8 or later. (An update for issues purchasing themes earlier this morning is available as well; reselecting purchased themes will restore them without going through the purchase process.)

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