Irish Examiner got an inside look at Apple’s EU headquarters in Cork along with some interviews with employees there. The campus holds around 4,000 Apple employees that the report points out span across support services, distribution, mapping and manufacturing.

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The only Apple-owned manufacturing facility in the world churns out iMacs; hundreds of workers help customers across the globe with technical issues; while others, from deep within darkened studios resembling something out of Hollywood’s finest back catalogue walk excited owners through setting up their latest gadget via videolink in an eclectic range of languages…Throw into the mix the peculiar sight of a global technology giant sharing a patch of grass with a halting site and its resident horses ambling about and the peculiarity of the situation ratchets up a notch or two…

Apple coming under heat by the EU over allegations that the company received special treatment resulting in reduced taxes through its partnership with Cork was not surprisingly a big topic of conversation during the visit. Apple warned in its recent earnings report that it could face ‘material’ back taxes over the tax arrangements with Ireland if the EU finds wrongdoing.

Some more images of the campus including a Mac production line and customer support agents:

More images from Cork and an interview with Apple employees there can be found on the Irish Examiner.

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