iOS 9 introduces Apple News, which replaces Newsstand as the default way to read news publications and blog content on the iPad and iPhone. Apple is automatically including many famous partners automatically with smaller publications having to request inclusion. We explained how to submit to Apple News a few days ago.

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Now, it seems Apple has begun the approval process for these submissions. It has started sending out emails to let people know they have been accepted into Apple News.

The email includes a link to view your channel in the Apple News app on iOS. However, the link (with a ‘applenews://’ prefix) is currently nonfunctional as the News app is not yet bundled into the iOS 9 beta seeds.

The News app revolves around human curation so its yet to be seen how all of these sources will be displayed in the app. Expect future iOS 9 betas to include the Apple News app as Apple readies everything for a fall launch.

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