Apple has published a behind-the-scenes look at Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 studio where Apple Music’s streaming radio station is broadcasted … on Snapchat of all places. Apple snatched up the ‘applemusic’ username on Snapchat earlier this summer, and now the company is using the account to promote its subscription music service and Zane Lowe’s radio show with short videos of the DJ broadcasting.

The first Snapchat Story features Apple Music branding over scenes from Apple’s recent iPhone marketing material including a drone-flyover beach clip and the skatepark scene Apple’s “Why iPhone” web page. The clip cuts to Lowe entering the LA-based Beats 1 studio and even shows the DJ on air. A second Snapchat Story includes even more clips of the famed DJ at work.

Apple’s use of Snapchat is important as the company doesn’t always embrace social media beyond Twitter and Facebook accounts pushing apps and media releases, but it matches Apple Music’s adoption of services including Tumblr as it pushes its new subscription music service to the world.

To check out Apple Music’s Snapchat Stories for yourself, download Snapchat from the App Store and log in or create an account. From the main screen (your camera view), swipe the screen down to reveal the Add Friends section. Here you can add ‘applemusic’ using the Add by Username section. Return to the camera view and swipe to the left to reveal the Stories screen on the right. You should see an All Stories section with content from ‘applemusic’ that you can tap to view the behind-the-scenes footage.

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