A few days ago, I argued that iTunes was now so clunky it should be nuked from orbit, and suggested standalone apps as a possible way forward. A little over 70% of you agreed with me, including UX designer Andrew Ambrosino, who created some concept images showing how a standalone OS X Music app might look.

I like what I see. Check out the images below, and let us know your thoughts … 


As Ambrosino says, having the app have only one job immediately allows for a much cleaner look: music tabs at the top, player at the bottom, and content between the two.

Next up, Ambrosino turned his attention to the search. Granted, there would come a point when there are so many hits you just want to see the results in the main window, but this is a very neat way to present the top hits.


He’s also taken an interesting double-sidebar approach to enhance discoverability and make it really obvious that you can simply drag tracks to a playlist.


Ambrosino also proposes the addition of social features, so you can choose to share playlists with your friends.


Check out the full gallery over at ajambrosino.com, then let us know your thoughts. If you were one of the 20% who thought iTunes should be rescued as a single app, does this change your mind? And if you favored the single app approach already, how does this concept look to you?

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