iOS 9 continues to outstrip all previous versions of iOS in terms of pace of adoption. Apple has updated its developer site to show that 66% of all iOS devices are now running iOS 9, up from 61% less than a fortnight ago.

For comparison, iOS 8 had only hit 60% by the end of November last year, took until late December to get to 64% and January to reach 68%. The latest numbers also represent good news for the security of iOS devices … 


With Activation Lock introduced as of iOS 7, the latest numbers mean that 91% of all iPhones and iPads in use are protected against being used by someone else after they’ve been lost or stolen.

One factor likely to be in play is the fact that it’s possible to upgrade to iOS 9 even when your device doesn’t have enough free space. The introduction of new emojis in iOS 9.1 probably also helped drive demand.

The latest beta, iOS 9.2 beta 2, dropped yesterday.

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