If you have an Apple TV, look out for the Littlstar app, which brings 360-degree videos to the platform for the first time. The company says that it has thousands of videos in its library, including ones from major brands like Discovery, Disney, Fusion, MLB, Mountain Dew, National Geographic, PBS and Red Bull.

You use the trackpad on the Siri remote to control your viewpoint. In a ballet video, for example, you can look around the theater as well as watch the performance, to get more of a sense of really being there …


Littlstar, which already has an iOS app, is backed by Disney Accelerator, which provides both financial backing and mentoring for tech companies launching products in the consumer entertainment and media fields.

In addition to partnerships with commercial brands, Littlstar also allows anyone to upload 360-degree content to the service.

You can also view 360-degree videos on the web, using your mouse or trackpad to look around.

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