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Apple is rolling out a lot of new features with iOS 9.3, which just hit beta. Most notably, for students a single iPad can now be shared amongst multiple people. This means that each student can log in and access their own personal data. Multi-user support has been a big request for iPad owners for some time, and it seems Apple is finally answering the call … at least for the education market.

Apple is also launching a new Classroom app. This is a digital teaching assistant app, which can present quizzes, load AirPlay content onto an Apple TV and much more.

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There is also the addition of bulk Apple ID creation, which should help schools get up and running faster with iPad deployments.

Apple is also adding a new Apple School Manager service. This centralized location enables school administrators to do a complete end-to-end deployment. This collates existing Apple Education features as well as adding some new functionality.

All of this launches with iOS 9.3. Apple is providing an early preview today to get education market ready for the new capabilities.

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