Apple has notified developers that App Store prices in Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and South Africa are increasing. Customers in these regions will see prices for apps and in-app purchases rise within the next 72 hours. If you have a renewing subscription, Apple will notify you with an email about the price change ahead of the next subscription payment, although customers in Russia and South Africa will have to resubscribe manually.

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Low price tiers are also being introduced into Canadian and New Zealand markets; Alternate Price Tier A and Alternate Prier Tier B. These offer alternate price increments for developers, useful for smaller items like In-App Purchases. In emerging markets, the alternate tiers are extremely cheap, often as low as 20 cents USD when converted. The price differential for Canada and New Zealand will not be as drastic.

Prices in Romanian App Store are remaining the same for customers, but developers will see slightly increased profits on every sale due to changes in regional VAT changing from 24% to 20%.

Expect to see the price changes roll out to the App Store in affected countries over the next three days. Apple adjusts prices periodically in response to exchange rate changes.

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