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Last week, Apple launched a USB-C cable replacement program, saying that some cables shipped with the 12-inch Retina MacBook were faulty. Thea faulty adapters would result in the MacBook not charging or charging unreliably. Now, the first MacBook customers have started receiving their replacement cables, according to a post on Reddit and Twitter. The user did not request the cable from Apple.

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The user says that his USB-C replacement cable was sent via FedEx and included a note from Apple explaining the situation. “A limited number of Apple USB-C charge cables included with MacBook computers may fail due to a design issue,” the note reads. The new cable is identical to the old, aside from the fact that it has been slightly tweaked to prevent the said design issue.

To tell if your USB-C charger is affected, the flawed cable lacks a serial number next to the ‘Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China’ text, while the redesigned cables are branded with a serial number. Look at the graphic below to double-check your cable.

If you provided a product registration process or Apple Online Store purchase, Apple will send you a new cable by the end of February. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact Apple’s support to request a new cable. Specific details on how to do that are available on Apple’s site here.

Let us know when you receive your USB-C replacement cable in the comments.

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