TechCrunch spotted an interesting security hire by Apple: the developer behind Edward Snowden’s recommended secure chat app is joining Apple as an intern.

Frederic Jacobs, a Switzerland-based developer who worked to develop secure messaging app Signal […] announced today that he is joining the Cupertino-based company this summer to work in its CoreOS security team. 

As the site notes, Signal passed every security test when put through its paces by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and you can’t really get a better endorsement than the fact that Snowden trusts it.

Apple is also ramping up its incredibly strong language in arguing its position against the FBI …


After Tim Cook said that creating the special code the FBI wanted would amount to the “software equivalent of cancer,” Gizmodo noted the analogy Apple used in its motion to vacate the court order.

Under the same legal theories advocated by the government here, the government could argue that it should be permitted to force citizens to do all manner of things “necessary” to assist it in enforcing the laws, like compelling a pharmaceutical company against its will to produce drugs needed to carry out a lethal injection in furtherance of a lawfully issued death warrant.

As we noted yesterday, Apple also cleverly refers to the code the FBI would like it to write as ‘GovtOS.’ Apple may not yet have persuaded the public (unlike 9to5Mac readers), but I’d have to say it’s winning the war of words.

You can catch up on anything you missed in our full coverage of the case to date.

Photo: The Verge

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