Fight for the Future, the protest group that organized demonstrations in support of Apple outside its retail stores, plans to hold a demonstration outside the next Apple/FBI court hearing on March 22nd. Re/code reports that the group has created a website inviting people to voice their support for secure iPhones, comments from which will be displayed outside the U.S. District Courthouse in Riverside, California.

The FBI wants to force Apple to weaken the security measures that keep all of us safe. This is misguided, and dangerous. On March 22, when Apple goes to court, we’ll display thousands of statements from Internet users outside the courthouse.

Fight for the Future has so far had mixed success with its protests …


Its #standwithapple rallies at Apple Stores attracted only a handful of people at most stores. It is, however, the same group which organized the extremely high-profile anti-SOMA online blackouts. High-profile participating sites then included Google, Reddit, Tumbler, Twitter and Wikipedia – so perhaps online protests are its forte.

You can add your voice at the special Save Security website the group has created for the purpose. The website also has banners and photos people can use on their own websites and social media profiles.

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