WWDC 2016

As we eagerly await the kick off of this year’s WWDC, you were kind enough to share your views in three separate polls on Friday, so here’s a quick roundup of the results.


Asked what Apple should call the next version of OS X, the favored option was ‘macOS,’ with 60% support. Most of the rest of you wanted the same thing with a capital M, while only a handful wanted a space in the name or something else entirely.

Numbering-wise, the majority thought it was time to upgrade the number to 11, but 10.12 also got a lot of support. You had some entertaining ideas for the marketing name, among them OS X Weed (from a joke at WWDC 2014), Maccy McMacface (something likely to make most sense to Brits) and ‘given the direction Apple has been going with its OS development lately, San Andreas is my vote.’

Next, we asked what features and changes you wanted to see in iOS 10. With so many options to choose from, there was no clear leader here, but the top five were smarter Siri, dark mode, hiding stock apps, new Home screen layout and a Siri SDK.

Finally, I suggested that Apple could emulate the Kindle Scout approach to offer greater visibility to apps from small-time developers with popular ideas. More than 80% of developers said they would definitely or probably submit apps to this, and a similar number of users thought it would be either a very or pretty good idea for Apple to offer this. (A number of you were also kind enough to nominate my rom-com.)

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