Following an update to the Mac app with similar features, the Pixelmator team has released version 2.3 for iPhone and iPad. Download Pixelmator in the iOS App Store ($4.99).

This update brings the latest selection tools from the Mac app to iOS devices. This includes the intelligent Quick Selection tool and automatic Magnetic Selection tool, where users roughly trace around an object and the app fits a precise line, using edge detection algorithms.

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Quick Selection will be familiar to desktop photo editing users; swipe over an approximate area to select objects. Pixelmator uses the surrounding colors to automatically refine the selection. These smart tools are particularly effective for touch screens where precise input is not possible.

The developers have also used version 2.3 to roll in a bunch of improvements for selections in general. For example, the ‘marching ants’ animation for selection lines have been reworked for better aesthetics and better performance.

This includes a simple tap to Invert Selection feature and pressure-sensitive selection support via Apple Pencil; the complete list of changes can be seen in the App Store update notes. There’s also the usual handful of performance improvements, bug fixes and minor changes.

Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store, priced at $4.99. The iOS app also seamlessly integrates with Pixelmator for Mac ($29.99), available in the Mac App Store.

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