With it now looking virtually certain that the iPhone 7 shares the form factor of the iPhone 6/6s, both Spigen and Olixar are taking pre-orders on cases for the new iPhone due to be launched next month. Both firms also seems to be anticipating the rumored Space Black color, offering this in addition to existing iPhone colors …


Other companies are selling iPhone 7 cases for shipping now, clearly betting on shape and dimensions being either identical or close enough that they can simply relabel existing iPhone 6/6s stock. Olixar, strangely, is hedging its bets, making some cases available for pre-order and others shown as shipping now.

Anyone selling a case today for the iPhone 7 would be on the hook in the event that it didn’t fit properly, but with all reports suggesting identical shape and size, the gamble may be a small one. A quick check on Amazon reveals almost 27,000 hits for iPhone 7 cases.

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