Microsoft has a lot of form for using Surface ads to make fun of the iPad, even if it has to mislead to do so. More recently, it seemed to be targeting Macs rather than iPads, but its latest ad – posted this week – is back to attacking the iPad …


Following a new Apple ad that positions the iPad Pro as a fully-fledged computer, Microsoft’s new ad (below) hits back by suggesting that simply adding a keyboard doesn’t make the device comparable to a Surface tablet.

As usual, the format is a conversation between Siri and Cortana. The iPad is supposedly throwing a party to celebrate its keyboard, while Microsoft points to the Intel i7 processor, full versions of Microsoft Office, trackpad and external ports of the Surface.

Just because you call something a computer doesn’t mean it fits the description. Cortana knows that the Surface Pro 4, with its powerful Intel Core processor, detachable keyboard with real keys and a trackpad, pen, touchscreen, full Office and external ports fits the description. Everything else is just late to the party.

Also as usual, the tone of the ad just sounds a little desperate at a time when even Apple’s most expensive iPad – the 12.9-inch Pro – is outselling the Surface.

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