Following its announcement of the all-new MacBook Pros, Apple invited an Adobe executive on stage to demonstrate a new version of Photoshop that takes advantage of the new Touch Bar. “MacBook Pro and Photoshop are made for each other,” Adobe said on stage.

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On stage, Adobe showed off how the Touch Bar can greatly improve the workflow when working with an image. For instance, the company touted that you can now essentially work with two hands: one working with the trackpad and one working with the Touch Bar.

Essentially what the Touch Bar allows is for a lot of the commonly used sliders to be placed on the secondary display as opposed to in the software interface. Adobe says that this greatly improves workflow and makes the process much easier.

The Touch Bar also makes it easier to access version history, allowing you to scroll left to right and see the progression of the image over time.

Adobe says the new version of Photoshop will be available to users before the end of the year.

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