I’m a pretty big fan of Apple’s recently-launched Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones. The on-ear headphones, which we reviewed back in September, have a high upside for convenience, sound and style. Now that the headphones are widely available in stores, Apple has issued a new advertisement to highlight the advantages of the Beats-branded cans…and Amazon might have another pricing mistake on their hands dropping the price by a whopping $80, something Apple never does with just released products.

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Not only are the Beats Solo3 the first pair of headphones to ship with Apple’s new W1 wireless chip, which allows for seamless pairing and switching between Apple devices, but they feature a whopping 40 hours of battery life between charges. Be sure to read our full Beats Solo3 hands-on review for a first-hand account of my experience.

I know the Beats brand isn’t necessarily synonymous with quality around audiophile circles, but I feel like these headphones are worth a serious look. They sounded quite pleasant to my ears, and weren’t overly bass-heavy like other headphones in the line. To be clear, there is still a lean toward the low end of the audio spectrum, but it’s far from being egregious.

Now that the latest iPhone lacks a headphone jack, Apple is pushing its users to go wireless. The company’s own W1-equipped AirPods were supposed to help usher in this initiative, but since they’ve been delayed, it’s up to Beats to pick up the slack.


The Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones are one of three Beats-branded headphones to feature Apple’s W1 chip. The $199.99 PowerBeats 3 have already launched and are now available in store, while the budget-friendly $149.95 BeatsX are still listed as coming this fall.

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The primary downside that I found with the Beats Solo3 Wireless was its plastic construction, and the fact that it still uses micro-USB for charging. We recently reviewed Twelve South’s Fermata headphone charging stand, and it does a good job of making it easy to recharge the Beats Solo3 via the stand’s built in micro-USB cable.

screenshot-2016-11-14-13-13-43As a side note, you can score a pair of the black versions for $80 less (some other colors for $50 less) than the original $299.95 price. Amazon is selling the black Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones for just $219.99 with next-day delivery. This will likely be for a limited time and is possibly a pricing mistake like the one they honored with the new MacBook Pros, so you may want to act REALLY fast.

Update: The price of the Beats Solo3 has now risen, but it’s still below MSRP for many colors. Be sure to follow 9to5Mac on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on future deals.

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