If you’re anything like me, you try out a lot of apps but keep only a small proportion of them. As some of them need Dropbox access, it’s easy to find that you’ve authorized a whole bunch of apps you no longer use …


Dropbox now makes it easier to check which apps you’ve authorized to access your account, and to quickly de-authorize those you no longer use. This is a follow-up to the new web user interface rolled out back in April.

I used the somewhat clunkier, older method a while back, and found quite a few apps that no longer needed access. This time around, it was just two, but if you’ve never checked, the chances are you may have more.

The new security checkup tool also allows you to verify that your email address is current, review the devices and browsers currently logged-in to Dropbox and to update your password.

As advertised, the tool takes just 2-3 minutes to use. You can access it here.

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