Kobo is now offering audiobooks alongside ebooks in the iOS app, including an Audible-style $10/month subscription. There’s also a 30-day free trial, giving you your first audiobook for free …


As with Audible, the $10/month subscription gets you one book, regardless of its normal price. If you want more, you can buy additional three-pack credits for $30, with a maximum of 24 credits held in your account at any one time.

You can listen to your audiobooks within the Kobo iOS app. Features include the ability to choose your narration speed (useful for non-fiction books, where you want to get the info rather than savor the experience), set a sleep timer and see how much time is left.

In addition to the US, audiobooks are also available in four other countries:

  • Australia: $13/month
  • Canada: $13/month
  • New Zealand: $14/month
  • UK: ¬£6.99/month

Kobo says it will price-match audiobooks from other suppliers, and you can also earn reward points. As with Audible, audiobooks bought through the subscription remain yours if you cancel.

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