One of the decisions any iPhone buyer has to make is whether to take out AppleCare+ coverage, rely on other insurance policies or just pay out yourself for a repair should you break it.

For anyone tempted to assume the risk themselves, Apple’s newly-revealed pricing on iPhone X repairs may make you think again …


The company has updated its flat-fee repair pricing page to show that a screen-only repair will cost $279, and all other damage $549 – more than half of the purchase cost of the 64GB model.

Percentage-wise, this is broadly in line with other iPhone models. An iPhone 8, for example, costs $699 for the 64GB model, and a repair will run you $349. But the actual dollar amount for the iPhone X is large enough that it may give some people pause for thought. Especially given that all-new glass back.

With AppleCare+, the prices are reduced to $29 for a screen repair, and $99 for anything else. But the coverage costs a stiff $199 for the iPhone X. Break anything other than the phone, and that’s still a total bill of almost $300 for premium and repair fee combined.

The cheapest way to insure an iPhone is often to add it as a worldwide all-risks item to an existing home contents policy. This means that it is insured inside or outside the home. However, you do need to check your deductible, as some can be too high to make an iPhone claim viable.

Other options for free iPhone coverage include Uber’s recently announced credit card, among many others. Also have a look at our comparison between AppleCare+, third-party insurance, and more.

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