On the heels of Apple officially announcing it will be acquiring Shazam, the popular music recognition and tagging app has released an update today that brings offline mode to iOS.

The new offline capability will certainly be useful in a variety of circumstances and will help make sure users never miss identifying music they love. Today’s Shazam for iOS update doesn’t included anything except for the new functionality.

Here are the release notes for version 11.6.0:

Keep Shazaming, even when you’re offline! Next time the music’s on but the WiFi isn’t, simply tap the big blue button and we’ll name that song as soon as you’re back online. Now we’ll notify you immediately, even it you don’t have the Shazam app open.

Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.

It’s still unclear how Shazam will evolve as Apple takes control of the service. One theory suggests Apple wanting to protect integration with Siri, another floats the idea of acquiring Shazam for the data. Another possibility may be Apple wanting to merge the recognition service with Apple Music (and likely sunset the app for Android).

The update with offline mode is now available. Shazam is a free download from the App Store.

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