Closing your Apple Watch rings can become a fun and addictive challenge. But what should you do when you can’t get in a regular workout but still want to complete your rings? Follow along after the break for some helpful tips and tricks.

Apple doesn’t allow users to adjust the 30 minute exercise goal like it does for the move goal, but there are a few ways to work around this. Instead of changing the goal, you can change how you complete the goal.

While some may feel like this is cheating, rest days are important no matter your fitness goals. Additionally, everyone will likely have days where it’s not possible to get in a traditional workout. Here’s what to do…

How to change Apple Watch exercise goal

  1. To start, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch
  2. Firmly press on your rings (Force Touch) and tap Change Move Goal
  3. Lower your goal with the – button or with the Digital Crown
  4. Tap Update

Now this is the part where your own conscience comes in to play with closing your rings. After you’ve lowered your move goal to be in line with a rest day, sick day, or other scenario you can use these steps to easily close your exercise goal.

  1. Start an Other workout
  2. When you can’t do a traditional workout, stretching, a light walk, or another similar activity may be a good fit
  3. Other workouts don’t require your heart rate to be at a certain threshold to count as minutes towards your exercise ring

As long as you remember to close your stand goal ring, you should be all set!

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