iOS is often behind Android with a variety of features, but fortunately there are usually some good third-party options to bring functionality like swipe or glide typing to iPhone.

Swipe texting has been around for quite a while, but Apple still doesn’t offer it with its default keyboard in iOS 11. Besides being able to type with increased speed, swipe typing is really useful for one-handed typing and texting.

While there are a variety of third-party options on the market, two of the most popular to offer swipe typing are Google’s Gboard and the Microsoft owned SwiftKey.

How to use swipe typing on iPhone

  1. Choose an iOS keyboard app that supports swipe typing and download it from the App Store
  2. Next open Settings, swipe down if needed and tap on Keyboard
  3. Tap Keyboards at the top and then select Add New Keyboard…
  4. Now tap the keyboard in the list below that you just downloaded

Now Gboard, or whichever third-party keyboard you’ve decided on will show up in the list of active keyboards and is ready to use.


You can tap on Gboard and toggle on/off full access. As shown below in the image on the left, all third-party keyboard will have access to what you type, but turning the toggle off for Allow Full Access means that third-parties will be breaking Apple’s terms and conditions if they collect or transmit that data.

From a privacy and convenience perspective it would be great to see Apple release swipe typing support on the default iOS keyboard as you also lose dictation support with third-party options.

To use your new keyboard with swipe/glide functionality, tap the globe icon in the bottom left hand corner until you see the third-party keyboard you installed.

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