Looking to use Wi-Fi on your plane or maybe you need to keep your cellular data in check? Follow along for how to use Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode on iPhone.

Even with Airplane Mode turned on, you can still use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With iOS 12, you may find that you’ll remain connected to the Wi-Fi network you’ve been using even after turning on Airplane Mode. But in some cases you’ll need to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on manually after toggling on Airplane Mode.

As the image shows below, you can check your Wi-Fi connection status by looking at the status bar; you should see it next to the airplane icon.

How to use Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode on iPhone

  1. Open Settings and toggle Airplane Mode on
  2. Tap Wi-Fi and if it’s off, toggle it on
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network

Here’s how the process looks:

Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode

iOS 12 gives a reminder that Airplane Mode is in use by graying out both the Cellular and Personal Hotspot settings and making them inaccessible.

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