Generally speaking, government issued alerts are important and should be kept enabled at all times. In fact, government alerts on iPhone are enabled by default, being buried deep in iOS settings.

If for whatever reason you’d like to disable them, follow along to learn how.

NOTE: Some alerts cannot be disabled such as life threatening emergencies, regardless of changing the setting within iOS.

How to turn off government alerts on iPhone

  1. Open up Settings > Notifications.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
  3. You’ll see two toggles that are on by default: AMBER alerts and Emergency alerts.
  4. Choose which alerts you’d like disabled and toggle them as needed.

Generally speaking, there should never be a reason where you’d actually disable these alerts as they can pass on fairly important information in certain scenarios. However, the option is there if you’d like to disable it.

These toggles may also vary depending on which country or region you are from.

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