Telegram is out with an update to its iOS messaging app today with the focus being on its Apple Watch app. After Telegram’s version 5 update removed support for the wearable, today it has returned.

Telegram released the major version 5 update to its popular iOS messaging app back in September that introduced a host of new improvements and features. It was also built from the ground up with Swift. However, as spotted by AllThings.How, v. 5 also quietly dropped Apple Watch support.

Today, Telegram is out with an update with one main change, restoring the Apple Watch app. The developer also reminds users of the various upgrades that came with September’s update and that it also fixed some bugs.

Telegram is a free download from the App Store. Check out the full release notes below:

  • Apple Watch support

Meet Telegram 5 – a faster, sleeker and more battery-friendly Telegram completely rebuilt from scratch.

In this update:

  • Improved battery usage.
  • Expandable in-app notifications.
  • Faster messages synchronization.
  • Smooth animations in chats.
  • Streaming support for audio files.
  • Support for photos in push notifications.
  • Improved background activity: Unmuted chats are always up to date.
  • New unread counter: Shows the number of unmuted chats with unread messages (can be adjusted in Settings).
  • Improved navigation for busy chats: Scroll up to see the message date. Tap this date to go to the first message of the day.

Also, all of the old bugs are gone forever. We might’ve added some shiny new bugs in the process – will make sure they are quickly fixed.

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