After announcing the upcoming Apple Card at yesterday’s “It’s show time” event, I got to thinking about how Apple has never offered a non-folio wallet case for its iPhones. While I’m eager for a truly wallet-less future, we’re not there yet and I think a lot of folks will opt for a physical Apple Card to go along with the digital default. Here’s my pitch for a slim first-party wallet case from Apple.

Until now, Apple hasn’t offered a wallet-style case for iPhone except for its Leather Folio. Even that sports just one inside pocket, with no specific card slots. While folio cases can offer more protection and more storage with solid options like Twelve South’s Book Book, there are several downsides to using them as your everyday case. In my experience, one-handed use is considerably more awkward, especially when trying to use the camera. And quick glances at your phone aren’t as smooth when you need to open a cover first.

With Apple Card launching this summer in the US, it feels like a great time for the company to launch a slim and sleek wallet case for iPhone. Even for users who don’t want to use a wallet case full-time, they can be really useful for a variety of occasions when you only need an ID and one credit card.

I’m imagining a product in the vein of Mujjo’s leather wallet cases that would fit 2-3 cards. It seems like Apple could easily modify its popular leather cases to offer a compelling wallet option.

Apple Wallet Case

Until we see digital IDs become mainstream and Apple Pay adoption at merchants near 90% or higher, an iPhone wallet case offers an efficient solution for simplifying your everyday carry. An Apple-made iPhone wallet case would be a win for both consumers and the company. It would be an easy way for employees at Apple Stores to talk about Apple Card to consumers who haven’t heard of it, and wallet case fans would likely flock to the first-party choice. It would probably even convince users who haven’t used wallet cases in the past to give it a shot.

While some wallet case detractors are worried about losing both their wallet and iPhone, there are a couple of benefits that I think outweigh the negatives.

First off, if you misplace your iPhone with a wallet case, you’ve got GPS tracking with Find My iPhone. Second, with less to carry, you’re less likely to misplace your iPhone or leave it behind. Another upside to using a wallet case is you know exactly the cards you’re carrying. If you somehow do lose an iPhone you only have two or three cards to cancel and replace. With a regular wallet, there’s a greater chance you’ll forget what all was in there if you lose it.

While I dream about Apple bringing a wallet case to market, here are some my favorite currently available options:

  • Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone – from $50 (clean and classy)

  • Silk TPU Wallet Case for iPhone – from $15 (simple and affordable)

  • JimmyCASE Wood Wallet Case for iPhone – from $50 (unique and flexible)

If you want to check out a folio case and are looking for something that’s not too bulky. My favorite option besides Apple’s Leather Folio is Twelve South’s Surface Pad which usually starts from $35.

What do you think? Is this the right time for Apple to offer a non-folio wallet case for iPhone? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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